Black Shampoo

Random Hair Salon, 2011

It all started with the official music video to Black Shampoo’s first single Sick Shit ( We had not heard of the young musicians before (they have only released an EP so far) and thus were even more surprised, when we found out that this massive sounding band actually came from Vienna. So we were very eager for getting the trio in front of our camera. However, Black Shampoo then came up with the idea to do the session at a hairdresser’s, which is a nice variation to the many other times that our winterly indoor filmings ended up at cafés. Moreover you get to see the stirring performance of „The Man“ and „Meth“ from every possible mirror-perspective (while this means that we can hardly avoid to be in the picture ourselves). It’s Monday morning and Jakob, Lukas and Saskia already kick off with such a raw energy, that the small salon is resounding with the noise. Fairly overwhelming!

Sarah Brugner
Sound Recording
Simon Brugner
Post production
Sarah Brugner

Random Hair Salon

Maybe one day we’ll get to film an artist performing while getting a hair cut. At least Phil from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin came up with this idea when we met him for a session, but he has not demonstrated it yet. Till then we do enjoy the manifold mirror-perspectives on a „normal“ performance at a hairdresser’s. Black Shampoo get to rock a salon at Margaretenstraße.